Coming Soon: London Guide

As mentioned previously, I just returned from spending almost two weeks in London and it went by so quick it felt like I wasn't even there. It is funny how your body adjusts really quickly back into the routine you left behind. I am still organizing some of my photos (all taken on my iPhone) but in the meantime you can check out my adventure on my Instagram.

Where to next?

Photo by Arielle Vey

It is officially summer break, and I just got back from London and already wanted to go some where else. Where should I go next? Arielle's trip to Jamaica is making me want to go there and I haven't been to the island ever since 2005 when my grandparents passed away. Therefore, I am long over due. Where do you think I should go next?

Items of the Day From Zara

Zara Contrasting Flat Slingbacks 

Zara just released some of their Spring items, and there is way too much that I want to get like these slingback shoes that have that lovely v-cut that truly elongates your legs. Also, I am not one to rock dangling earrings but I am loving these hot pink ones, which would pair really well with this sequined flowers handbag!

Fuzzy Textures All Around

When I was on Winter Break, I was able to meet up with Madeline Heising for the first time, and immediately felt at ease with her. She is such a kind human being, but super honest and really loves what she does. We hung out and grabbed coffee for a bit before shooting. It ended up being a good day for an early morning stroll around Beacon Hill, and since it was the holiday season all the doors were covered with decorations.  

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