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Zara Contrasting Flat Slingbacks 

Zara just released some of their Spring items, and there is way too much that I want to get like these slingback shoes that have that lovely v-cut that truly elongates your legs. Also, I am not one to rock dangling earrings but I am loving these hot pink ones, which would pair really well with this sequined flowers handbag!

And right now because I am really loving the ruffle trend, thus I am feeling this striped blouse, which can pair really well with anything! Too many things that I want to get! Ugh!

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Fuzzy Textures All Around

When I was on Winter Break, I was able to meet up with Madeline Heising for the first time, and immediately felt at ease with her. She is such a kind human being, but super honest and really loves what she does. We hung out and grabbed coffee for a bit before shooting. It ended up being a good day for an early morning stroll around Beacon Hill, and since it was the holiday season all the doors were covered with decorations.  

Why Beyoncé Having Twins Is A Big Deal...

As you know, my blogging days tend to take some time off when I am working because honestly for me it is hard to balance both...but lucky for you all I am on break, which means more content coming to a desktop near you.

In the meantime, we need to talk about something that happened a little over a month ago...

On the eve of Black History Month (yes, I went there!), Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant with not one, but two babies! Twins! And the world lost their mind, mainly because of the way that she announced it. Now some people were excited (me included), I mean everyone should be excited about the beautiful moment of giving life into this world and being part of that experience. However some people were irate with her audacity to flaunt her pregnancy in such away.

First, let me just say - you all must have forgotten that she is an artist! I mean she could have just released a statement with no images and called it a day, and you would have all still found a way to make some noise about it. However, if you really took a look at her choice of images - the entire series that she released on her website,, then you would have understood her message.

She is embracing what motherhood is all about and the beauty to love one's body during that time. Yes, pregnancy is not a glamorous thing, but the beauty of being a mother is a connection that is hard to explain. I think as someone who cannot have kids of their own, I ache at the sight of the fact that I cannot share in the same knowledge of feeling this change in my body and having a life grow inside me, but I think there is so much strength and power in motherhood that one has to embrace. Now that Beyoncé is older and has had Blue Ivy, I think she realizes this and the importance that she is able not to only bring another life into this world but two. And yes, we all cannot book a studio, drape ourselves in fancy clothes and hope that our pictures come out just as good...but you know if you could you would! Today, more that ever with the state of our political world...women feel the need to empower each other more, and I hope despite what you may feel about Beyoncé that we do more and empower her just like we would any other female!

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Stay-cation at Blue Inn - On The Beach

As a child, I always considered that you had to leave and go somewhere far-far way for something to be considered a vacation, but as I have gotten older my idea of what a vacation is has changed. 

The whole point of taking a vacation is to give yourself a chance to just escape your current life habits and truth take care-of yourself by just relaxing. And though we all felt that 2016 was hard, 2017 was already starting to look like it was going to be tougher; so when I was invited by the wonderful team of Lark Hotels and Yankee Magazine to go to Blue - Inn on the Beach on Plum Island Beach in Newburyport, MA (just about almost a hour outside of Boston) I did not even think twice about it!
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