Growing up in the age of "Sex in the City" and MTV's "The Hills" makes you want to crave for all things glam (or perceived glamorous). Now that I am venturing into the world of living on my own I have been consumed by all things home. There are so many great items, but here a few things that have caught my eye in the last few days. 

Why not hanging up in your entryway or in your kid's bedroom this cool Baby Giraffe Framed-Print? I love the idea of having a wishbone enclosed in glass…it is like saving yourself the chance to make a wish when you absolutely need it. I love simple items, but with a touch of color. The glassware with the hint of green is perfect to add with the striped-gold ice bucket that you can keep on your bar cart. And why not curl up in your Ashley Dotted Tub Chair with a Love Thy Prey Faux Fur Throw in Coyote Twilight, while you are keeping track of your bills. Keeping these "I'm In Love" heart-shaped matchboxes in a bowl on your marble coffee table helps you know where to look for a match to light your candles. Small items can go a long way in your home, and can make a huge change if you want to do something small without buying new furniture pieces. 

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