Do you love my gold Stegosaurus? Because I do!!
I stopped by the Dollar Store today to find cheap items for my classroom, and came across these dinosaurs in a bucket. If you are looking for a cute decor idea. Here is a great one and easy to do!

This brings me back to science class in elementary school when we were assigned dinosaurs to research. I remembered Triceratops and T-Rex...but I might need to watch Jurassic Park to refresh my brain on other dinos. 

 I had left over gold spray paint from when I spray painted my bar car (coming soon!) and the silver from my dresser handles that I created. I like the finish on this kind of spray paint, but you can use whatever color you want. Most spray paint cans are under $5.00 at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

You want to make sure you spray the paint can in quick burst! The silver can had more paint, therefore I overdid it. These little guys are still drying as I type this, but since I had less paint in the gold can it dried quicker.

If you want to see other diy "Spray-Painted Dinos", check out this T-Rex on the Yellow Brick Home.

Talk to you soon, 

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