Who would have thought the same sandals that my dad lives in during the summer and that has been collecting dust in my mother's closet would make a come back?

Do you have a pair of BIRKENSTOCKS?

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Now before you start walking around with your old pair of Birkenstocks, there is a type of way that you have to wear them now. It's not like the old days where you replaced you slippers and walked out of your college dorm like you haven't showered in days. They are being worn with style, so prepared to look somewhat put together before you leave your house. 

Check Hot Beauty Health for 10 Ways to Wear Your Birkenstocks!

Wear it with your favorite pair of black denim. I know someone like me who lives in black pants when they are working this is a great way to keep summer going until the weather begins to get cold. 

Why not try a metallic pair to brighten up your wardrobe?

Now that relaxed boyfriend jeans are the way to go on the weekend throw on your Birkenstocks to complete the look. 

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