Connecticut (just like many other New England states) have a certain charm to it when it comes to towns located near the water and Guilford is no exception. My old job is near the town, but I did not really venture into visiting the area until this summer. I have been doing some tutoring on the side, and few of my charges live in this picturesque town. 

A house with a view. Maybe one day...I can settle into something nice like this. 

A way to a girl's heart is to visit The Village Chocolatier

I am going to miss flowers when it gets cold in a month. I am already feeling those "winter blues" and craving Pumpkin Spice latte. 

Can you tell that I love knick-knacks? Does this make me a hoarder? I need to go back to the Flutterby and pick up a few of these. 

Talk to you soon, 

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