In about 15 days, I will be heading back to the city that I grew to love while I was in college…and frankly I am SCARED OUT OF MY MIND! Only because I am completely starting over in so many ways. It is not like going to college…where you pretty much pack what you need for your dorm, move into that said dorm, then wake-up and head to classes. I wish it was that simple…but a las my life is not that pre-determined anymore. I am starting a new job, living on my own and basically starting a new. 

Hence the name of this blog post…

I choose "1st" to describe my "new beginnings" and "Warren" is the name of a street close to where I will have my first apartment (more details on that later). 

I want this next journey to be…somewhat of a way for me to seize the day everyday. Even these last few months with having the summer off has turned me into an anti-social, morose and laze human being. Yuck! 

So here goes nothing!!!

In honor of moving to Boston, check out a few of my instagram posts of my many visits there:

Crosswalk near Copley showing support for Pride Parade back in June

The Ducks in the Boston Commons

Drink at Coda…such a great place to relax and hang-out 
with your best gal (or guy) pals :)

Nothing beats good diner food! Bacon…yum!

Sidenote: I love all things UK…this flag flies over the Burberry store 
right at the top of Newbury Street near the Commons.

Sneaking down the alley way to avoid running into the mass amount of people that crowd Newbury Street during the summer. I guess that's the introvert in me.

Talk to you soon, 

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