Candles are a girl's best friend. Why some boys ask? They just are!

The candle aisle in Marshall's is the first place I go to when I visit the store. Any scent that reminds me of bake goods is alright with me. My favorite two candles come in great jars, and I always have a bunch of old candles lying around trying to figure out what to do with them. Today, I found out that all you need is a pot of boiling water. 

When you are ready to throw out your candle, boil some water. Once it is boiled pour it into the jar  but not to close to the top. Then just let it sit for a few hours, eventually all the wax will float to the top and harden. It is important to wait at least two or three hours before doing anything. You want to make sure all the wax has solidified together. 

After it has harden, crack the wax with a knife then dig it out of the jar. You should be able to wash and rinse any remaining residue without any problem. I took my Diptyque candle and decide to use it to hold my brushes for the time being, but you can use your jar for whatever you like!

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