With so many college kids getting ready to move into their dorms or apartments…it only seemed fitting to write about the one thing that is dear to my heart…roommates. 

We are now growing up in a world where people are sharing homes more then they are living by themselves. Thus, I am sure many of you have roommate stories to share. My first roommate situation was my first year in college. I was excited to learn that my roommate was from Connecticut as well, and I had envisioned how well we would get along. And we did….but she was never around so my first year felt like I was living in a single. It made it tough to adjust to being at college and I was definitely homesick my first year out. The next year, I moved in with one of my good friends at the time from college and was super excited to finally be living with someone that I knew I connected with, but karma kicked in. Literally the first day back to school, I met "the love of my life" (who ended up not being anything but the opposite) and ended up never being in my apartment, thus ending up hurting my relationship with my friend. Something to this day that I regret. 

After that I ended up moving in with a group of boys who happened to be friends with my boyfriend…who a few months after I moved into the apartment became my ex-boyfriend. Which meant that I became the roommate from hell!! I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart because I would not have wanted to live with me during that time. I was miserable. It was my first real break-up and here I was this emotional female living with a bunch of beer drinking college boys. It was horrendous, so it was no surprised that I moved out. My next situation was not even better…but eventually I ended up moving into a great apartment and found people that I loved to live with and have become friends with some of them. 

Living with people is never easy, but as long as you are respectful and are constantly communicating then it can work out. It's not going to be perfect but sometimes you have to make do. Try to go into it with an opening mind. If something is bothering you then let them know. Talk to them…don't leave notes on the refrigerators for them, because that just makes things worse. It may feel awkward as first, but in the long run its worth it. Set ground rules together and express what your expectations are for the space that you are sharing. Most importantly have fun…because before you know it you will be moving on and entering a whole different chapter in your life that might just involve somebody new. 

    Talk to you soon, 

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