I love hats…I don't know why, but I have been into hats ever since my dad walked around when I was little with a big ole' cowboy hat. There are so many kinds out there and you can wear them in all different ways. If you think you are not a hat person then you have not found the right one for you. It's like trying on red lipstick for the first time. You might feel like a "2-buck hooker" for the first few times you try it, but then you find that right color and you cannot get enough (What?!! It's true!) Free People has a great selection of hats, including this one below:

Here are a few that I found that are great to try this Fall!!

1 (main picture)/2/3/4/5

I am rocking my hat of the moment that I got at H&M a few weeks ago…

Talk to you soon, 

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