Last year around Labor Day Weekend, I went to my first multi-day music festival, Made In America with a few friends. Not knowing what to expect (and knowing its nothing like Bonnaroo, Glastonbury or Coachella) I could barely handle surviving a whole day. It was sensory overload!!! I was like a kid in a that just got lost in a really big candy shop and thought the clown standing next to me would kidnap me (I forever dislike clowns by the way). I had to force myself to stand in a thirty-minute like for a porto-potty. I couldn't drink water fast enough (beer was too costly to keep drinking if you were parch). I almost was willing to get in someone face when it came to waiting in like for food (I can't even remember what I ate…I am pretty sure it wasn't worth the almost two hours of waiting). I could barely stop staring at all the concert goers in their outfit choice and their over indulgence to partake in debauchery (maybe I was too old or maybe introverts should not be going to music festivals). However now that I am not longer a music festival virgin, I thought I would try my stance on Boston's newest venture into the city-style music festival that is the Boston Calling:

This weekend is your chance to go and check out. It's being held downtown right at City Plaza. And seeing how it's going to be a scorcher this weekend, you might want to plan ahead.

Purchase tickets HERE

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