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Now if I were you I would be sick of the every changing thing that is going on with this blog, but I have to admit I hit a wall when it came to the next step. It was not that I did not know what to do, but frankly I was not motivated to do it. Moving to Boston as I mentioned turned out to be a lot harder than I imagined. I think for a while I refused to admit that I was feeling defeated in the fact that my life was not moving in the direction that I was hoping once I had left Connecticut. However, I do not know if it was the fever coma that I was in the last few days (or maybe the fact that I have removed the "EX" from the equation or even the fact that I survived #JUNO), BUT I NEED TO GET OFF MY ARSE!

I am the queen of making excuse and it's plainly out of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being ugly (yes, I think I am allowed this fear) and fear of people realizing that I am not as "cool" as I seem. I live everyday concerned about how others view me and that my friends is not okay for my sanity. Therefore that being said, I am slowly trying to get back into blogging. Yes, I want include fashion and my trials through out the city (and maybe even the food I eat), but as I am learning to do this you have to join in on that journey. My posts have been infrequent because I am not living the life I want to live yet. Work is going great but now I have to live beyond the textbooks. 

Will you join me?


  1. Wow!
    I love the energy in this post. I definitely feel you on a lot of these things.
    Also, you're new layout looks great. :)


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