Twenty Fifteen

Hello! It has been quite some time since I wrote a blog post and I am very sorry for that! Moving back to Boston has been quite an adjustment. I entered the month of September feeling as though it was going to be a breeze. I mean I spent 7 years in this city, so how bad could moving back be, but I realized that it has been harder then I ever imagined. 

First and for most I had to get use to my job. I was more exhausted then ever. I came home after a work day only to do more work (my fellow teachers understand what that entails) thus leaving the weekend for me to recuperate from the tiredness that I felt. I spent late nights at my job to make sure I could stay on top of my work. It has been tough and I am still finding my balance, but that meant I had to leave a few things on the back burner, including this blog. However it is a new year and I would like to try again!

I assure you that I have not been living underneath a rock these last few months. I have been slowly making moves and trying to go out and make friends. I have not been doing it as much as I like (due to finances) but I think there are ways around that and you just need to go about it a certain way.

Here are a few photos capturing some of escapades in Boston:

Walking around SOWA

 Me Brunch at Masa

  Shopping at H&M

 Georgetown Cupcakes

FoMu (Ice Cream Alternative) in Allston

Red SoX!

 First Friday @ the ICA during Boston's Fashion Week

Mt. Auburn Cemetery 

Totto Ramen

Salty Pig

Christmas Tree Lot :)

Sweet Cheeks

NYE Fireworks on The Commons

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