Being a teacher has it perks (from Winter Break, Spring Break, few Mondays off and Summer Vacation) especially if you live in the New England area where you most likely can expect to have a few snow days.  Boston has had a total of 40" of snow in the last 7 days and I have had 4 snow days in those 7 days!!!

How does one survive not just one snow day but back to back snow days? 

Well, if you are anything like me you are probably climbing the walls after day one but you do have to find ways to make the days work. 
  1. Stock up on food - Even if the snowstorm is not blizzard status you are going to eat through all your food supply (because frankly what else do you have to do), which means you need to buy food the day before the snow is supposed to approach. Buy as much food as you can (like you are having a dinner party for 10 or maybe just five…unless you have a living in boyfriend)!

  2. Get Netflix and Hulu - If you have been going back and forth with thinking about whether you should get on the Netflix bandwagon then think no further - GET ON IT! I have to admit I do not love Netflix when it comes to movies, but it is great for binge watching TV shows (especially shows that you used to love and completely forgot about from the 90s). Hulu keeps you current on the new shows on TV now…so why not save on the cable bill, buy an Apple TV and watch all you can.

  3. Tinder? - Now I put this in question marks because I have my own personal thoughts on Tinder (bring on the pervs) but I do find myself drawn to it when I am bored. A few quick swipes to the left and before you know it an hour has passed (who knew there were so many men in my vicinity) but if you are looking for someone to have fun with or go on a date even (I hear that happens sometimes) then why not Tinder around during a snow day. You never know you might find a cuddle buddy. 

  4. Clean Your Apartment/House - Why save it for the weekend? Free up that weekend time to actually go out and play. Use the snow day to get those yellow gloves on and scrub the tub or sweep some floors. Reach high up and dust the cobwebs out of the corner and maybe do some early Spring cleaning of your closet. 

  5. Make Your Own Cocktail - Now this does not mean just pour yourself a glass of wine, I mean actually create your own signature cocktail. If you have a few mixers and some booze lying around then go to town and sling that gin. If you really just have wine and beer then you might as well not let it go to waste and have yourself a drink. 

  6. READ, READ, READ! - I am always looking for a good book and my stack of books keeps growing every day, so why not use the snow day to catch up on all that reading.

    Here are a few books on my list right now: 
Room by Emma Donoghue
Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler
Still Alice by Lisa Genova
At the end of the day there is so much you can do during your SNOW DAY, but all I can say is enjoy it they only come a few months out of the year :)

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  1. Lol to the Tinder option - you should write a post on your experience w Tinder. I bet it would be a good read. ;)


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