Last Wednesday, the lovely Kayte of Mass Musings held a food photography 101 class (for blogger and fellow Instagram lovers alike) at the Whole Foods in Charlestown (all proceeds of the event went to Whole Planet Foundation). I am not one to normally go to these things and especially right now when my blog is not quite a 24/7 entity yet (I still cannot get my time management down when it comes to my blogging commitment) but "Why not?"

*SIDE-NOTE: I have really sort of put my introvert "self" on the shelf lately in order to not just network but build some friendships in Boston <-more on this later :)

I am quite glad that I did, because it was a chance to be in a room with like minded people especially when it comes to all things Instagram and photography. Kayte shared with us the various photo apps that she uses when it comes to posting on Instagram and how she tags her photos in order to build followers. Then we had a chance to practice what we learned.

My picture below was posted on Instagram, so I apologize that it is a bit grainy here. We talked about the idea of a more symmetrical photo vs. a photo with movement, so with playing around of the fruits I created this set-up. I took the picture and then begun playing around with my Camera+ features. Everyone swears by VSCO, which is great but I was using Camera+ long before it came around so I am more comfortable with the features available.

Who knew what highlighting and playing around with contrast, shadows and sharpening can do for an image?

You can hear more about the class and all the fun we had here.

We were split up into groups where we had to create a food photo from items that were provided to us from Whole Foods. The group I was with won, and we were gifted with Mass Musings sticker and Whole Planet cookbook. 

I put my learning to the test when I went out for some sushi (soooo good)!!!

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