Today is my "Golden" birthday, and yes it is a special day...but it is also just another day [for everybody else]! It is funny how the older you get birthdays mean something different entirely. You are more inclined to treat yourself then relying on others giving you presents (I'm still waiting for my red tricycle, Dad). And now because of Facebook, strangers that you have not talked to since high school wish you "Happy Birthday" (and for a minute or so you feel like a rockstar - you know you are constantly refreshing your Facebook page to see who wished you a greeting next). This birthday is important to me because this will officially be my last year in my twenties! I said it out loud! YIKES! However, it is good to know and understand what that means! It does not mean I cannot continue being me, but it does make me want to be more outside of my bubble (you know the safety net that you created for yourself); to really challenge myself to try new things, meet new people and go new places! And yes, this is all terribly cliche but why not! Why not live the life you want!! So here is to being 29 on the 29th!!

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