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I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the last month. I have been more involved with my blog (at my own pace) and I feel as though it would have developed it to what it was if it wasn't for the great Boston Blogger community. Being part of this group has been great because everyone is quite supportive of each other! No one is in competition with one another...if anything we are helping each other grow! We understand why the other wants to have a blog and any advice or feedback that we can give, we give! It also gives me a chance to talk with people who understand the hard work and the patience one needs to do this, because at times it does seem like lots of work. Allie of www.alliewears.com mentioned that she puts in 30 hrs a day! I mean how can I possibly do that with my schedule (ummm, two jobs here!!), but I am much more motivated!

Thank you to my readers who have joined me on this journey!!

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