Everyone has a product that they swear by - that one brand that has been in your bathroom cabinet for years (and you are willing to pay the money for even though it is super pricey in order to keep using that product). 

Fresh® is that brand for me!! So of course when I heard that they started back their Fresh Blue Box tour (a mobile pop-up campaign) and that it was coming to Boston I had to find a way to go!

Last week Tuesday, they popped-up on the Boston University campus. Once I arrived I was greeted with a Sugar Lip Treatment makeover, where you get a chance to exfoliate your lips with the Sugar Lip Polish followed by one of the many types of Lip Treatments that Fresh® carries (I remembered when they just had the Original and the Advance Therapy, now they have all sort of tints).

I was also able to design a makeup bag with digital renderings of my own lip print and write my signature, which you can do also with any $45 purchase, and then I confessed my #FirstFreshKiss:


The people at Fresh® were nice enough to let me walk away with some complimentary products including their new Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream, which I am loving! I am obsessed with any eye cream related product because the bags under my eye are highly noticeable (or at least to me they are). I am not a huge concealer or foundation fan, but I will use them under my eyes because I dislike my bags so much! This cream keeps your area around your eyes hydrated and gives you this radiant look that keeps you from looking like you got less than 4 hours of sleep! Just put it on in the morning before you head out and at night before you go to bed. 

The Fresh Blue Pop-Up in Los Angeles last year!

The Fresh Blue Box will be traveling down the East Coast, and campaigning the brand's Sugar Lip Treatments through an interactive celebration called "My First Fresh Kiss," where once you visit the Fresh Blue Box will be asked to “enter” the Kissing Confessional, where you can share the story of your first kiss by uploading a video or photo for the chance to win a year’s supply of Sugar Lip Treatments. 
“My First Fresh Kiss” Route:

Madison Square Park, New York City - April 30
Bleecker Street, New York City - May 1 

Don't forget to use the hashtag  #FirstFreshKiss and #FreshBlueBox! 
Follow Fresh on Twitter and Instagram @FreshBeauty 

Photos Courtesy of Fresh®

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