When you are living in the city away from your family, holidays tend to be hard. There is always a ping of remorse that I wish my parents lived right next door to me and I could just easily go see them whenever I want, but its nice to know that I have friends around that are willing to put me up during the holidays. 

My family is not very religious (actually my dad is a staunch atheist) but my mom comes from a large family and majority of them are very passionate about church. When I was younger, we would always travel to New York and truck it through Queens for church and Easter dinner. My mom would help me dye our eggs and buy Easter baskets for my cousins. What I remember was the time spent with family and how happy I felt...that is why Easter is special to me. 

I miss the creativity of dying eggs though and now that I am older (and into crafting) you can do so much with eggs today; including this lovely design from Alice & Lois: DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs. Be sure to check out their tutorial!! The pictures are amazing!!

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