On Saturday, I met up with Stephanie, who is a great wedding photographer, at the Watertown Mural. I came across Stephanie's instagram post about hosting a Headshot Marathon. A way to create portraits with people who are interested in helping build their portfolio as well as Stephanie, but all for a great cause. All donations (which is basically your payment for the shoot) are going directly to The School Sessions, an organization that is raising money to build a school in Haiti.

I was nervous with the way the weather was all week that we would not get a perfect picture day but it turned out great and it was fun, quick (and I had a blast)!!! I am glad that I met Stephanie and I hope I have a chance to work with her again! If you know anyone getting married, put them in contact with her because she is great!!!

Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch (buy here)
Dress: SheInside (buy here)
Shirt: Gap (find similar here)
Hat: Nordstrom (find similar here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer (buy here

UPDATE: When it comes to being new in the blogging world, sometimes you have to learn things as you go (and make mistakes). Stephanie did an amazing job with these photos! However, as we know we can be our own worst critics and when I got the photos I felt very self-conscious about how I looked. Blogging world is all about image and when you are surrounded by people who are "perfect" it can be hard. You give up some control when someone's taking the photos for you, so I internalized a lot of my issues with the recent yo-yo-ing of weight gain that I have been dealing with the last few years (right now being at my heaviest) and re-touched the pictures where you could see my cellulite and the bags under my eyes.

Stephanie was great about it, but did voice that you know her work is important to her and it's not quite fair for me to not appreciate it the same way. I have uploaded the originals that she took (and some other photos from that day that was not originally posted) and only cropped the photo where I let it all hang-out. I loved her photos and I did not want her to think I did not appreciate her art! I am very aware that this is something I need to work on, but little steps and maybe as I grow though this I can share the experience with you. 

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