Allergies are the bane of my existence! I have always had seasonal allergies since I can remember. I have been on all sorts of allergy medicine out there, even before Claritin® was over the counter. Last year while I was living in Connecticut, I had a terrible allergy season. It was to the point where I made an appointment with an allergist. Turns out I was allergic to practically every tree out there (mainly birch trees...I can stand near a palm tree) which also meant that I could not eat certain fruits (i.e. apples, apricots, bananas, hazel nuts, kiwifruit, nectarines, peaches, pears, and plums...I know, right?). I was really bummed out, but this explained my extreme animosity for apples that I had since I was a kid.

My dad is the type of person that is well-read, so upon hearing about my diagnose of Oral Allergy Syndrome (or OAS) he shared with me about how he read about honey being the cure for pollen related allergies.

Here it is...

Eating local raw honey can reduce or even eliminate allergy symptoms. Apparently, honey that is raw has the living enzymes needed to protect your body from pollen. If the raw honey is harvested nearby the better, because this means that the same sort of plants that carry the pollen that is making you sneeze is in the honey (think of honey as a vaccine of sorts). [For more info, click here!]

Of course hearing this I bought honey from our local Whole Foods right away. I think I convinced myself that it work (but it could have been the inhaler I was prescribed and the Benadryl I was popping like Tic-tacs). I was reminded of this once I started having my sneezing fit this week. I happened to be in Formaggio (which is a great local market known for its collection of cheeses) and saw shelves upon shelves of honey, including this Dandelion Honey from Ames Farm. I did buy the honey, but it got me thinking about what my father said and did my own research. 

Turns out taking honey for your allergies is all just a myth according to WebMd, which is a bummer, but I do love the honey that I bought!! Better to use for tea instead of sugar!

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