After moving to Boston, I was most excited about spending the warm Summers and the lovely Springs in this wonderful city. I especially was ecstatic because I was not going to constantly surrounded by the trees!! Because they were slowly making my breathing agonizing painful when I was living in Connecticut. (Remember it was so bad that I need to get an allergy test done?) I mean there are NO TREES in the city right! Well, if we were New York maybe, but Boston is no New York, and I am failing this Spring. I am surrounded by budding flowers and trees, and the pollen has gotten the best of me. Nothing says "closeted-geek" like walking around with a bright-red inhaler, a bottle of Zyrtec and a box of Benadryl. Even my poor cat (Sorry, Billie) needs to be quarantined from me or I need to wear a face mask around her because even her fur makes me sneeze right now! I cannot wait till Summer is officially here. In the meantime, I will view the flowers from afar and hope for the best!

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