I am not sure if I have shared with you all that I am officially on summer break, but I AM!!!!! Which means you will hear a lot from me!!! Aren't you excited!? This is a chance for me to really see my blog grow, which proved to be hard during the school year, but I am happy and truly grateful for all that it has become in the last few months. My 1 year anniversary is coming up so I will not get all sappy now.

Summer break for teachers means a lot of professional development, thus means some traveling for me this summer. In a few days, I will be heading of to Lawrenceville, New Jersey for almost 12 days. I know it does not sound tropical, but I am really excited about the professional opportunity and to meet other educators around the nation. In August, I will be in NYC for a week, and I have such a love affair with the city when I am there during the summer (you might see way too many Crumbs Bake Shop cupcakes popping up on your Instagram feed during this time). I am rounding out the summer going to NOLA during Labor Day weekend, which makes me very happy because I have been wanting to go to New Orleans for years now. I love the culture!! Cannot wait to hear all the jazz pouring into the streets while I am there!

When traveling, especially on planes, everyone always has their quintessential items that they carry (and airport outfit). I am all about the comfort and I need to be relaxed because I am not a huge fan of flying. Taking-off is not my cup of tea...I am usually taking a Lorazpam and having a glass of wine before we even leave the runway. Blue jeans and my go-to sneakers, my high-top Converse (that is now turning a lovely shade of off white/beige) are my favorite things to wear. Sneakers make it easy to run through the airport when you are trying to catch your transfer flight! I also always make sure to have my portable charger for my phone, since most of the time plugging in your phone at the airport can be like finding Waldo on a blank page. Summer is also the time when I catch up on my reading, so I always bring a book and my journal with me.

My eyes are super sensitive to the sun and so I am always wearing sunglasses, so I make sure I have at least two pairs with me at all times. Last but not least, you cannot forget to freshen up your face after traveling all day. Being in the airport and in/out of planes,  I always feel like I just woke up from a really long nap. Using First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and the Eye Duty Triple Remedy helps you feel renew by keeping your face hydrated and removing the circles from your eyes. 

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