Friends All Over

Left to Right: Paige, Diana, me, Cam, Jess, Billie and Kayte
#Bloogerdate at Island Creek Oyster Bar
I think the biggest thing I am thankful for since starting my blog is the many blogger friends that I have made along the way.  All my life, I never really have been part of a club or a sport team. I was a ballerina and loved dancing, but upon starting private school I stopped my career as a dancer and tried to find my niche elsewhere, but just could not get into anything (I think by that time...7th was too late to really commit to something after doing dance for so long).

I found (though I wish it was something I started years ago) that blogging has really has done a lot for me. I found that I can take my creative side and apply it else where, but that I can also sit down with like-minded people as well and share in the same conversation. I do not think I would have met these amazing people if it was not for blogging.

Cam of The Same Page was one of the first people I ever met from the Boston Blogging community, and I heart her so much. She pushes me to be confident in myself, but she truly is awe inspiring as a human being and I am glad to call he a friend.

Jess from Champagne Thursday was an enigma to me at first (I just wanted to get to know her! haha!) but she is a party in a bottle, and truly a hilarious human being. She is down to earth and I truly am obsessed with her pink hair.

Kayte from Mass Musings has been in the game for awhile and I am impressed with her hustle. This girl is going to the very top and I am rooting her all the way there.

Diana was one of the first Boston bloggers to pop-up on my Instagram feed. I love her creativity behind her blog and the fact that she has a theme that is uniquely hers is awesome! This was the first time I met her in person and I am so happy because she is the sweetest!

Paige, who is a friend of Diana, joined us for dinner and is new to the blogging world! She is great! She shared her thoughts for a blog and I am so excited to see her develop it and it grown. She is also a spitfire!

Billie is the best, because she really took our friendship and allowed it to blossom naturally and I thank her for that! Also if you ever need a graphic designer, she is your gal because she rocks! I might need to utilize her expertise one day :)

All of these girls are sweet, beautiful and different! They are confident and truly believe in what they do! I am so happy to be amongst them, and happy they were able to come out for this particular #bloggerdate!! THANK YOU LADIES!!


  1. This entire post just made my day. I can totally relate to how time consuming childhood dance commitments were and how switching to a private school changed things. I'm so happy we are friends and can support each other in our creative endeavors :D xoxoxo

  2. Aw, this is so sweet! It's amazing that you've got such a strong blogger group for support :)


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