It's All About The Cookies

I did many things this summer! From traveling to different cities to getting some time to really fall in the love with the city that I now can call my home, Boston! However one of my favorite things to do this summer was head over to the SOWA Open Market every Sunday in the South End. I have always had a thing for market spaces like SOWA because it gives you a chance to see all the fablous items that are out there that happen to be local. 

It was here that I got re-affiliated with Kitchen Millie, a Somerville-based cookie business run by the ever so amazing, Michelle. I have to admit back in the Winter I ended up at a networking event for young professional women and Michelle's cookies were being served at this event. Unfortunately, I was completely enamored with the wraps and other food that was at the event that by the time I got to the cookies I was stuffed. Little did I know that my whole love affair with these two-bite cookies could have started then! (Though, I think my winter weight thanks me!)

Kitchen Millie, which started last fall, has definitely taken Boston from storm. Michelle was featured in the Boston Globe and is popping up in places like the Concord Provisions in Concord, MA and Tahaza Hummus Kitchen in Cambridge. What became a delicious treat to buy at her and her brother's lemonade stand when they were kids has now become a full fledge business and my sweet tooth is happy for it.

Nothing goes better with your Pumpkin Spice Latte then these cookies, who even days later still taste as soft from the oven they were baked in! My favorite is the Caramel Renegade; a snickerdoodle cookie with a salted caramel inside that will make your insides smile. Also be sure to try the Poppin' Colonel (with buttered popcorn pieces) or Velvet Rush, which captures your love for a red velvet cake in a cookie bite.

Be sure to check out Kitchen Millie, for great gift ideas or even sign-up for a shipment of cookies to be delivered to your monthly...and remember better to support local!

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