The Bee's Knees Supply Co. Allston

Ever since I moved back to Boston, I have been looking for a local spot that I can put some roots in and escape to but was still close enough home that I could literally roll out of bed and get there in less than 15 minutes. I did not feel like making a trek around the city just to type an e-mail. 

As I have gotten older I find myself having a hard time doing work at home. Maybe the idea of bring work home with to a place a comfort is just a bit stressful distracting (and now in this day and age of NETFLIX it's even harder). I sometimes find myself working in Starbucks, but many times when I am seeking solace there in tends to be busy. Therefore, when I heard that The Bee's Knees was coming to Allston, I was excited! I waited patiently as the sign was put up in the Spring, but still it had not open. I watched as the beginning summer days came and went, and then finally the first of week of August they opened (ironically I was out of town)!! It was the first place I went to after I threw my suitcases off at the apartment.

I love the ambiance of the place! Everything is quite visually appealing and they have the best items for your taste buds, but even if you are not grocery shopping, it can be a great place to hangout and get some work done. 

Though if you are going to shop there, make sure you pick up a bag of those wonderful two-bite cookies that I am always talking about from Kitchen Millie and pair  them with the Nutty Life Mint Chocolate Cashew Milk (you can thank me later)! Also if you have never tried Amola's Bacon Salt then you need to buy it and immediately put it on popcorn! Enjoy! 

It tends to be pretty busy on the weekends since they have a brunch menu (and it is in the mecca of BU and BC students) so you are better off arriving when they open at 8:00AM on Saturday and Sundays. I love their version of the Egg McMuffin sandwich. It is an egg soufflĂ©, bacon, goat gouda on a stone and skillet english muffin! If that does that not sound delicious then you are missing out!! 

There store is filled with all kinds of items that you would find at various speciality market, and it can be a great place to pick up gift item for the foodie in your life! They also have a Beer & Wine Room if you are a craft beer lover and a wine connoisseur, which gives you a chance to see the many options from locally to around the world. Be sure to follow Bee's Knees on Twitter or Instagram to find out more about tastings!  

Also, I just recently found out that they have a patio!! I will definitely be here once it gets warmer again!

The Bee's Knees Supply Co. - ALLSTON

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  1. THAT PATIO. I am the most upset that I still have not been here yet but it is on my list to visit STAT. So, so fun, and I hear you about looking for fun new spots to work!


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