First and Warren on Instagram: Mini-Blogging

I have to admit something to you all! I absolutely love blogging, but I especially love Instagram. I have to say that I wish I was doing more blogging, and I am sure you have heard it from me before but my schedule does not allow for me to be as creative as I would like to be with my blog (though for my resolution I hope to change that), but Instagram makes up for it. I find it easier to just post a picture, write a quick caption and be on my way. The easy access to an audience allows for me to find other Instagram profiles that have similar niche and aesthetics as mine. The community of creatives that I find and find me motivate me to put out more, but  for the time being my Instagram game is a lot stronger then my blog right now. Hopefully, I can make the blogger better in the next few months. 

Finally got my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers for Christmas

Is it me or has Banana Republic have been sneaking into my fashion dreams? I bought this coat while it was 40% off (and it was already markdown)! Steal!! Also, this is my first time wearing Madewell jeans and I love it. 

I was home for the holiday break and was able to check out Dom's Coffee shop in Avon, Connecticut. I loved the atmosphere and the decor of this beautiful coffee shop, plus it was my first time trying matcha. 

Dry Shampoo is a life-saver!!! 

Have you seen the new Star Wars yet? If you have not then you need to see it right now!!!

Some of my go-to products right now!!!

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  1. I'm such the complete opposite lol but I'm working on making my IG game stronger and my blog game more on point..... constancy is what i'm aiming for.

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