Ladies' Night at Tiger Mama

As you know I love connecting with other bloggers and yes, we see each other at events, but sometimes just being able to come together and have dinner without any demands for advertising is a beautiful thing.  We decided to try the new restaurant, Tiger Mama, Tiffani Faison's second restaurant in Boston (she also owns Sweet Cheeks - the best Barbecue joint around...that I have had so far), that just opened up recently. I am glad I made the reservation because it was packed on a Friday night. We had a great time! The drinks were amazing! I definitely loved my drink, the Indo Fizz (old monk 7 year, tumeric-coconut milk, lime, ginger honey syrup, whole egg), which was so tasty. It was almost like drinking a milkshake. I need to learn how to make it! After dinner, we decided to do a photo op, since my extraordinary friend, Kiana  had her DSLR with her. I loved how they came out :)

Billie looking gorgeous.

My dish from dinner was the Hokkien Mee, which was an Udon type noodle-dish, which was braised in Oyster sauce, topped of with some crispy pork and onions. I was glad to have leftovers!

Jess from Champagne Thursday and I. 

She already has a ring on it. 

All photos courtesy of Kiana Gibson. Check out her Instagram.

Check out the menu below, and be sure to visit Tiger Mama. Located at 1363 Boylston Street in Boston. 

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