My Addiction to Soul Cycle

I  have to admit I am addicted to many things...mainly chocolate and rosé, but this latest and greatest addiction has taken over and I do not know why I have not done it sooner! So here is the deal, I hate working out. I was the kid in middle school, who pretty much got diagnosed with "sports-induced asthma" (It's a thing I swear!! Look it up!) and hated to do anything physical. In fact by Junior year, I quit lacrosse, squash and took up dancing and becoming Captain of the Community Service Club. 

As I grew older, I began to understand the importance of working out but for me it's all about cardio and I still hate to do it. I did a running class back in college and loved it. I felt that was when I was at my best-shape. However once I moved back home, the lazy gene kicked in and I gave up running after a year. A recent medical condition diagnosis caused me to give it up entirely, which was a bummer. However when I moved back to Boston, I decided that I was going change that attitude. I joined the BSC, and took my first ever spinning class. I was admittedly felt like this is definitely the exercise class that I have been looking for and enjoyed it. 

Few months later, my friend and I decided that we needed major fitness motivation for our Spring Break trip. She suggested that we try Soul Cycle. The minute I sat on the bike, I knew it was going to be a different story than any class I ever took at BSC. I was in the zone. I was sweating like I had never sweat before, and boy did I push myself!! I left feeling exhilarated and ready to tackle the day. My only issues with Soul Cycle is the cost for the classes....I mean a whopping $30 is much. I limit myself to class once a week and then go to BSC on the off days from Soul, but I do enjoy my once a week fix. Today the BEACON HILL studio has opened and there you will find me, spinning away to the best of them!!

BONUS: Check out Soul Cycle's BEACON HILL Playlist on Spotify

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