Coffee Shop Dreaming

I love walking around my city, but the other thing I love seeing and spending more time in are coffee shops! Boston has grown when it comes to the artisan coffee shop (nothing like Seattle or New York City though) and it's nice to see small coffeehouses be unique to their own style, such places like Gracenote and Loyal Nine.

Curio Coffee in Cambridge is one of those places. It is a great spot to go to when you have time on the weekend and can get early enough to trek it out to the Lechmere Station (I live on the opposite side of town and this is the nearest T station to Curio). I love the set-up and the openness of the shop. You can see that every nook and cranny is looked at by the people who work there.  The day that I went I watched as they used a stamp to brand their cups and bags that the put their items in. The store only just recently opened up and is less than a few months only. The best thing about this place is the Belgian Liege waffles. They are made right their in the shop. They are so tasty that with a cup of coffee you will be quite content (but you might crave another one by the time you are ready to leave). If it wasn't for the distance, I might just spend every morning there.

Read more about Curio here from the Boston Globe.

Curio Coffee
441 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141
(857) 242-3018

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