Exploring Tulum - Part Two

We decided that trip we had to the Yucatán was great, but we had yet to have a full beach day! Again, we woke up at the crack of dawn (beautiful, right!?) and did our own yoga session on the beach.

We had an early breakfast at our hotel, and then found our spot on the beach to lie down and take in sun. We alternated between dipping in the ocean, walking the beach, napping in our cabanas and catching up on our reading.

After what was probably a good seven hours just laying out on the beach, we decided to walk into town.

How beautiful are these blankets? I was really regretting not bringing an extra suitcase with me.

We ended up at our favorite taco place on the beach, Taqueria La Eufemia, where I could have hung out all night just drinking beers and eating soft tacos.

I am quite happy that my girlfriends could be in Tulum with me!

I did not get a chance to check out Gitano, but if you are ever in Tulum. I heard good thing about it. Many of the locals and tourist end up their later in the night to dance the night away under the jungle. 

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