Providence, Rhode Island - The Dean Hotel

Since I am on break I wanted to use my day off to visit Providence. It has been a few years, but I have been seeing The Dean Hotel pop-up on some of the bloggers that I follow on Instagram. I love boutique hotels and I wanted to check it out! Kiana and I jumped on the commuter rail (it's only a hour away by train) and headed out of state for the day.

The Dean Hotel is a 52-room hotel that has kept with the historic architecture of the surrounding areads and that can be found in Providence's Downcity district. Approximately at 10 min walk from the train station. We spent some time hanging out in the lobby where you can find Bolt Coffee, an artisanal coffee shop (which means a large Chai Latte for me)! The elevator was the cage-style elevators, which i actually love, but some people might not like because you can see yourself moving pass each floor, but there were only four floors in the hotel. On the each floor is a different neon sign with a mantra to live by including my favorite one, "Love Is..." We stayed for about a hour and then used the rest of the time we had left to walk around Providence some more and do some shopping. I came across Ellie's Bakery, where I bought the largest meringue that you have ever seen and attempted to bite into it with out making a mess.

Coat: Banana Republic (past season)
Shirt: JCrew (past season)
Jeans: Forever21 (find here
Belt: Urban Outfitters (find here)
Sunglasses: Ray Bans (find here)
Shoes: Report Signature (past season)

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