Rainy Days of March

Over the past year, my friend Kiana and I have been shooting together. Many of my photos that you have seen on my blog have been taken by her (I do the editing). I love hanging out with her because she is much more of a street photographer, and she is always capturing great scenic moments in Boston, and I have learned her photographing style.

We actually joke how different it is to be a lifestyle blogger and taking photos versus being a street photographer. However, I have grown to like street photography and find myself doing much more of it lately. I don't have quite the eye as Kiana yet, but I thought my blog would be a great place to showcase some of these moments.

This picture above was from yesterday's rainy day in Harvard. I love neon signs and saw that the Beat Hotel had turned theirs on early (partly because it was very cloudy and depressing out) and wanted to capture it.


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