When You Plan Your Outfit Around Your Hair

Notice anything different?

I decided to change my hair up for my vacation to Mexico. It has been almost five years since I have had my hair done in a protective style. I try not to do it so often because my hair tends to break easily. The last time I had in weave, I had to cut a lot of my hair off. I think the person I went to did it too tight!

I was nervous to get these twists done, but I have been wanting "Marley" twists for sometime now. The minute they were put in (really it took 9 hours) I felt like a different person. I think part of it was because I wear the same style every day. It is funny how one look can change the shape of your face. One of the other reasons why I wanted to get this style is because it is perfect for traveling especially in warm climates where there is an ocean (and I really want to snorkel). I want to be able to frolic in the water, and I cannot really do that unless a hair salon is on every corner. Black people just have it different, and I could go in and explain it all, but not really in the mood (SORRY!). All you need to know is because I relax my hair getting it wet is not an easy process. I mean I could get it wet, but it would not look like it looks every day. Plus we are staying at an eco-friendly hotel, which means that means lack of electricity, so I won't be able to blow dry or straighten my hair. 

Also, can we just talk about the choker/bandana trend that is going around right now. I love the look. Have you seen the Fallon jeweled chokers? It makes me feel quite like a bada***! And it gives me a sense of confidence when I wear one, and on a Sunday, when you want to wear a casual look, it becomes a nice accent piece. This past weekend it was another sixty degree day and I just had to throw on the off-white jeans, concert tee and my sneakers and enjoy it.

I leave tomorrow for Mexico! Follow all my adventures on Snapchat (@firstandwarren) and Instagram! Can't wait to share my adventures!

Shirt: Urban Outfitters Madonna Virgin Tour Tee
Pants: Gap Boyfriend Distressed Jeans - Off White (past season, similar here)
Belt: Primark - Western Double Buckle Belt (similar here
Sunglasses: Warby Parker Jennings
Bandana: Newbury Comics (haha!)

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