Exploring Tulum - Part Three

When planning my trip to Tulum, I knew that I wanted to visit at least one Cenote while I was there, and we were able to see on when we went to the Yucatan , but I was more excited to visit the cenote Nicte ha, which was located about 20 minutes from our hotel at the Dos Ojos park. 

This cenote is shallower then most cenotes and the water is crystal clear that you can see the bottom. I loved watching the small fishes moving around and swimming among the lily pads. I would definitely recommend visiting this centoes. We did not go with a tour, which was better for us because it allowed us to spend all the time we wanted. There were a few tours that came through, but for at least thirty minutes we had it to ourselves. 

Thank you, Cassy for capturing this wonderful moment of bliss!

We wanted to spend our last night on Tulum having fun, therefore I wanted to get dolled up. What better way then to throw on that red lipstick?

The one nice thing about going during the off-season is you do not have to wait in long lines to get into places. I read tons of reviews how you had to plan ahead in order to get into Hartwood. We did get there early (I think it was close to 3:00PM) in order to make a reservation, because the restaurant does not open up until 5:30PM. I would say we waited for maybe about 15 minutes before the line started moving. We got our reservation time and headed back to the hotel to relax until it was time for dinner. 

Was it worth it? Yes, completely. I never tasted food quite so good. The restaurant which is completely open kitchen style lived up to its word of mouth. I regret not taking pictures of our food, but we were just enjoying the experience way to much. My friend and I loved the food so much that she immediately ordered their cookbook once we got back to the states. That way she could replicated a lot of the same dishes that we had while we were there. The great thing about the food in Tulum is it's all local and fresh from the fish to the fruits and vegetables. It's what your body needs!

It was a wonderful experience, and will definitely be a place that I would love to visit in the future again! 

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