Living On Nantucket

Being from New England, I spent majority of my life not really understanding what it meant to have a vacation home. That concept honestly is not something that I understood until I ended up in private school in sixth grade. I mean...who had the luxury to leave your home all sumer to go live in another home for a few months out of the year? My family did not. I did not really know anything about Nantucket or even Martha's Vineyard until I got older and understood the appeal of these islands of the coast of Massachusetts. 

When this opportunity to live out on the island for the summer came to me, I thought "Why not?" when will I ever have the change again. Let's be frank - a teacher's salary is not going to get me a house out here (nor is my invisible husband's)!  So at the end of June, I packed my bags through them in my vintage Volvo and drove down to Hyannis to catch the ferry.

I have officially have been on the island for a month, and there are still many spots that I have not explored yet, but here are a few...

Head over to Siasconset Beach early in the morning to catch the reflection of the sun on the water...and the empty lifeguard chair. 

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Walking around the neighborhoods, you will catch lovely houses with many flowers decorating their exterior...

I love these wildflowers growing on this cliff.

Beautiful Nantucket Roses

Hydrangeas live everywhere on this island when in season.

If only I had a boat, if you know anyone can I get a ride?

All houses need a good window box full of flowers. 

If you are that lucky person that lives on the water then I would like to be your friend.

Seriously, everywhere!

Another beautiful Cape Cod style house in town with Nantucket Roses!

At the entrance of Steps Beach.

Seeing the sunset and watching fireworks on 4th of July was a great way to start my summer on the island! 

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