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I have to be honest...sometimes I feel more comfortable being behind the camera, especially as I get older and feel as though my outward appearance is a lot different. That being said it is hard not to take pictures on this island, and I love being on Front Street and capturing it's beauty.

My wardrobe in the last few months have grown into being the racks at Madewell, and I cannot complain. I love how they take care of their teachers (get your 15% discount in stores, friends) and there clothes just fit with my style so well. It's as if Gap and JCrew had a baby, but together all the right patterns and details in one place.

Also, is anyone else excited about the platform in sneakers making a comeback? These Superga sneakers are comfy and perfect! I remember when the Spice Girls rocked them and I wanted to be cool, so I bought a knock-off pair in middle school. I did not have the skill or the style back them to pull them off, but I think I am doing okay today.

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