More Wheels Than One

My one regret about being on Nantucket is that I did not pack my bike with me. I am in such a rush packing up the car I completely spaced and forgot to grab it. Though in retrospect, I am not sure I would not have gotten it in the car.  However because this is an island bikes are everywhere!!! Which means bike rental shops are a plenty as well. Therefore, I decided to rent a bike for the day.

I did some research and decided to go with bike shop, Easy Rider (and yes, it might be an homage to the counterculture 1969 movie that made Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda legends) because renting a bike would only cost me $20 dollars for the day, which is the cheapest that I could find on the island.

After renting the bike for day (which mind you, I have not gotten on bike, unless you count a spin bike since Mexico), my roommate and I decided to bike to the other side of the island, Siasconset. Little did we know that the whole trip would be 20 miles on the bike. We stopped halfway to enjoy the beach, but I was pretty proud of myself for doing the long bike ride. I half expected to be very sore the next day, but I was not. I am happy to say that I was probably because of all the spinning that I have done these past few months.

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