Saturday Turnt Up: Vol. 1

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As many of you know, I am currently spending my summer out on the island of Nantucket (for work...not for vacation though I cannot complain really). The time spent out here has really motivated me in working on my blog, and creating something that I want to be proud of. I want to go back to the real reason why it was created...for me! Just kidding, but truly though I wanted my blog to be a mixture of the things that I love (and hate) that surround my life and be able to share them.

Therefore, I am trying a new series called "Saturday Turnt Up" which is all about things that I am currently into at the moment. I tried doing this a few times back in the day but I did not stick with it very well (check out the "Weekend" posts here), but it's my goal to keep up with it this time around. If I do not then please call me out on it.

So here it goes...

If you haven't heard yet, Netflix has a new show that everyone cannot stop talking about, and though we love that chokers are making a come back from the 90s and even better blast from the past is happening with Stranger Things, and I am struggling to find out how I can get this vintage VHS cover of it.

I live for podcasts, and currently listening to Season 1 of The Black Tapes, and I honestly cannot turn it off. I am pretty sure it's a "dramatize" podcast (I am hoping otherwise I will not be able to sleep tonight) that revolves around the supernatural and a mysterious paranormal doctor who hunts for ghost that he does not believe it. I know sounds crazy, huh?

I am still mastering my pictures from my DLSR, and have major envy of this Instagram darling, @kchysmith and her blog is filled with great recipes, diy and places you should check out in Boston. 

After reading this article on President Obama's thoughts on Feminism, I am very sad that our current president's term is almost done. Can we become a constitutional monarch like England? The Obama Family can be our "heads of state" from now until maybe forever. Just a thought, but I do think it is important for men to be supportive of women's rights because it impacts them as well. Such a great read! Might need to share this with my students in the Fall.

If you are planning on coming to Nantucket anytime soon I can give you recommendations, but I will let The New York Times do that job for me in there new article on how you can make the most of 36 Hours here on the island. 

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