Saturday Turnt Up: Vol. 2

Photo By Katherine Hysmith

Is it bad that I have started a countdown until I am back in Boston? I miss the city!! Island living is great, but I am missing loud nosies and my great friends (and cheap food)!!

Leslie Jones had a rough couple of weeks recently dealing with trolls on Twitter after promoting the all-female cast reboot of Ghostbusters, but the social media world has redeemed themselves with pushing NBC executives to send her down to the Olympics after her hilarious live tweets of the international event.

Do people still play card games anymore? Because if they do then they should check out Rat-A-Tat-Cat. One of my students taught me this game this summer and I was immediately focused on beating everyone!! It was also awarded the Mensa Select prize given to games that are challenging, so you know I feel smarter already!

Two Words... LUKE CAGE!! I love everything in regards to the comic superhero world, and though I am much more of a Marvel girl,  I was rooting for Suicide Squad being the saving grace for DC this summer (though I heard nothing but bad reviews), but nothing can top my excitement for this upcoming spin-off on Netflix coming in September. 

When did podcasts take over my life, I seriously went from one great podcast to another equally intriguing one. It think my roommates lately have been avoiding all common areas because instead of blasting the latest Justin Bieber they hear the soothing voice of Karina Longworth from You Must Remember This***. When I was younger I was always fascinated with the stories of golden glamour days of hollywood. I would run home after-school and turn on E! to watch Mysteries and Scandals and hear all the great tales of Joan Crawford, Dorothy Dandridge, Judy Garland and more. You Must Remember This is modern-day version filled with new information and great detail. 

***If you are currently reading Emma Cline's novel, The Girls (which I will be writing a review on soon!) then you would appreciate listening to season on Charlie Manson and his connection to Hollywood.  

And it wouldn't be a Saturday with out some Kardashian news...

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