Saturday Turnt Up: Vol. 4

Photo By Whitney Leigh Morris

Now that I am back on the mainland (though I am already missing Nantucket), I am thinking about all the places that I want to visit. I am ready for another New York City trip to check out the new location of The Butcher's Daughter at The Bowery Market, which is an open market located in Noho neighborhood. I fell in love with The Butcher's Daughter last summer when I was doing some work in the city. I loved the food and especially love the decor (see the picture above of their Venice location in California). If you enjoy creative vegetable/fruit juice combinations and breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes that are vegan and gluten-free, then this is the place for you! Add it to your list!

Summer might be coming to an end but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the greater things in life.  Like this adult twist to a camping favorite...s'mores - from fellow local blogger (and cocktail extraordinaire) Gabriella from by gabriellaHer recipe for these Boozy S'mores Milkshake almost had me running out the door the minute I read about them. The only problem that I would have with this milkshake is trying not to eat all the s'mores first before getting to the milkshake. I am definitely excited to try this!

How many of you dislike Kanye West? Well he is hoping that he can change your mind and he is using Keeping Up with the Kardashians to do it. According to this New Yorker's article, the "Famous" singer has been slowly becoming more visible on the show then he has in the past; with even some of the episodes being revolved around the drama of his career, from show opening during NY Fashion Week to that little drama with Taylor Swift. My own feelings about Kanye are slight complex (at times I do miss the "old Kanye") but I do appreciate this article in discussing how media portrays Kanye and how it affects how we know him.

I never understood why people used masks on their face until I was gifted my very own Sephora Eye Mask in Rose (thank you, Jess!) which is meant to hydrate your eye area for intense moisturizing and immediately brighten the area around the eye. I was doubtful, but after one try I saw the results. The bags and circles under my eyes have been a problem area, and being able to get into the habit of using these eye masks once a week has made a difference. I enjoy the face mask in Rose as well, but I have plenty of full face products to need the mask!

My goal for the new school year is to get my s*&t in order! I know! I know! I really should already have this together but sometimes I do not, and now that work is back into the schedule I need to know exactly what I am doing when and what time. Therefore, I recently bought a planner from Etsy, but I wanted to get something that would add some energy and color to it. How great is this sticker book from I am super excited to show you how it changes my boring planner into a book of fun! Follow the #bandostickerup to see how other people are using their stickers!

Until next Saturday...

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