Suede Moments In The City

Before I left for Nantucket, I spent the first summer month walking around Boston and just enjoying the city that I love. Boston is definitely a "walking city" and during the summer you can easily get distracted by the sites and the different areas that you can relax and enjoy. Having Bethany closer to the city made it easy for us to meet up and be able to show her the areas that I love visiting. 

This time our trip took us from Downtown Crossing to the North End. The heat was starting to creep into the June Days and so I dressed for the occasion. I was convinced that I might get too hot being in a faux suede skirt but it was actually fine. We spent our time perusing food trucks, sitting by the water and enjoying the smells that wafted the air in the North End. I cannot wait to get back to Boston and enjoy the last days of summer!

Photos by Bethany

Little did I know that it was going to be a very hot summer in Boston, so therefore I am semi-happy that I was able to be on the island for most of it. No complaints here.

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