Rosé and Leather

I cannot believe it is Fall. I am absolutely not ready for it only because I am set in my ways. Once my body knows it is Fall I can only dress for that particular season. The dark colors come out. The booties slide on my feet and never come off until March when I am on a beach somewhere (if I am lucky).

Photos by Bethany

My favorite staple for the Fall is definitely the leather coat! It is the perfect coat that honestly goes with everything, that way you are all set if you wear it to work and then again later that night to the ballet or a date. And before you yell at me about wearing white pants after Labor Day, please note that these are off-white! Just kidding. No but really, at this point the idea that you should not wear white after Labor Day is an old wise tale. Embrace it! 

Also thank you Nectar & Green for the chance to try your delicious almond milk (a complete convert now) and getting this tasty rosé from Urban Grape in honor of your birthday!!

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