The Denim Forever Tour

Last weekend Jess, Bethany and I spent our morning hanging out with the ladies of Madewell on Newbury Street. The Denim Forever Tour had come to town and seeing how MUCH I love Madewell, I wanted to show support for a great cause!

The Blue Jeans Go Green™ is a program through Cotton that has partnered up with Madewell to collect worn-out denim that is then recycled into natural cotton fiber insulations for homes, and the Denim Forever Tour wanted everyone to join in the fun. It was a two day event that included a performance by Freedom Fry, customized chain stitching by Austin-based Ft. Lonesome, a exclusive emoji-themed pin "Do Well from Pintrill®  and a look at the new fall denim collection.

I loved the vintage Ford they had parked outside on Newbury Street filled with old jeans that were being donated. The excitement out the store was catching, and of course I had to get a shirt to monogram. The stitching came out great and I love my shirt!! 

When is it that you ever see a live set-up in a middle of store like this?

The Mexican Vanilla High Brew Coffee kept me pretty wired for the rest of the day, because the remainder of my Saturday was quite hectic (one event to the next)!

More about Madewell's Do Well Program in support of Cotton's Blue Jeans Go Green 

Guess what?!!! I love Madewell so much I am hosting an event next Thursday, October 6th at the Madewell store on Newbury Street from 6 - 8pm!  Join myself, Bethany and Robbin from The New England Life, and check out our style picks from the newest collection! There will be snacks and adult beverages and any one in attendance will receive 25% off any purchases of $125 or more!!

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