A Weekend in ATL

Last weekend, I hopped on a plane and made my way down to Atlanta for the Create & Cultivate conference.
However in order to make the first conference event, I had to catch an early flight. I basically woke up before the crack of the dawn and slept walked my way through the airport. I have no idea what I was thinking taking a 6:00AM flight. However, once I landed in Atlanta it made the decision clear. My first stop was my hotel, that way I had a place to leave my bags instead of trucking them around with me.

I did some through research before I left home of places I wanted to visit (thank you, Instagram). The first place was Krog Street Market, which was about a 8 minute Uber ride (which for POOL was $2.99). The market is located in Inman Park right near the Beltline. The best way to describe the market is a warehouse that has become a food hall. For those of you in Boston, you can think of it as similar to the Boston Public Market. Since it was very early many of the vendors were not open yet. I decided to grab a bite from The Little Tart Bakeshop, which had the best Morning Bun that I have had since I've gotten back from Nantucket, and of course I had to sip on a chai. Since many of the vendors were not open yet (it was only 10:00 AM). I asked the nice lady at the bakeshop what can I do around the market in the meantime. She mentioned that there was a lot of mural art in the neighborhood and that I could walk the Beltline.

And she was right there was mural art everywhere, and I loved it especially when a lot of it was done by my favorite mural artist, Greg Mike. He resides in Atlanta, which was information I did not know until I came back home. I was wondering why his murals were everywhere, but it makes sense now. 

After some mural scoping, I ended up walking the Beltline until I came across King of Pops, which I was excited to happen upon because it was a place that my friends and I had stopped by two years ago. I had visited Atlanta for the first time two years ago to visit one of my really good friends. It is funny how much memory is attached to food. I bought a Strawberry-Lemonade pop, which was good because it was starting to reach 80 degrees plus ( I was not quite prepared for walking around in a leather jacket).

I walked back down the Beltline to Krogs Market to check out some of the other vendors now that it was lunchtime. I was a little sad that Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream was not open, but I will be able to make up for that in the next few days.

I decided on Richards’ Southern Fried for lunch, and boy was I hungry. I devoured the chicken, the biscuit and the pickles that were included in the meal. I barely had room in my stomach for the potato wedges that I bought as a side. However, they were too delicious to waste, so they came home with me to my hotel room.

From Krogs, I jumped into another Uber and made my way to my next excursion.

Ponce City Market is a renovated historic building designed to carry retail spaces, a food hall, offices and residential units. Basically everything you need in walking distance. The minute I walked in I was super impressed with how open the space felt.

I was not able to go up to the Skyline, but they were having a media event to check it out while I was there. I actually got to run into Nikisha Brunson, who mistook me for a photographer for the event. I was so star struck that I could barely get words out fast enough to let her know how much of a fan I was. A missed opportunity, but still cool just the same (I would have a lot of those this weekend).

The Central Food Hall had quite a few places that I wanted to stop by, but I was already full from Krogs. I made a note to self that I will end up back here first the next time I was in Atlanta.

Thank you to the lovely lady that I met in Citizen Supply who snapped this picture for me. She was a wedding photographer, which was a plus.

Saturday was a super packed day since it was the day of the conference. I was not able to do much exploring except for dinner, but I woke up really early and decided to hit up Revelator Coffee. I have to admit that I did not know there was a Revelator until I saw it on Ingrid Nilsen's Instagram story from the day before. I really just wanted to find a place to sit, read and reflect on everything that I learned from the conference.

I spent a good amount of time in the coffee shop that I was actually able to run into Ingrid, who decided pop in to grab breakfast before catching her flight back to NYC. She was super friendly and we talked about the conference. The picture below was from my Snapchat/Instagram Stories (please do not judge me for not wearing make-up...it was that early in the morning).

I decided to take another walk around the city, and I was right near the restaurant that we had dinner the night of the conference. I thought I would go back because it was too dark to take any pictures of the space.

Another Greg Mike original, which was recently created.

Anyone who knows me, especially my CT peeps, know that I love everything about Bartaco and the fact that there is not one in Boston makes me sad, but if I am in a city that has one then you better believe I am going to visit. A few girls (that I met at the conference) and I ended up at Bartaco for dinner, and of course I had my share of tacos, plantains and a delicious Tecate lager.

After Bartaco, I walked back towards Revelator because right across the street was Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams where I was dying to try all the flavors. I wish there was a way to bring it home but I do not think dry ice is allowed on an airplane in your carry-on. I tried some of the Brambleberry Crisp and Ndali Estate Vanilla topped with a delicious Waffle chip.

Look at all those flavors!

After grabbing ice cream, I quickly went back to my hotel to pack up my things. Once I checked out, I decided to make one more stop and have brunch (solo) before going to the airport to catch my flight. I  stopped by Bread and Butterfly to have a delicious breakfast.  First, I ordered a Pimm's and the hostess was nice enough to seat me on the patio right away even though I did not have a reservation. I went for the Omelette Du Jour of the day with a side of bacon. All of it was tasty and it was a good thing that I stocked up on food, because my flight ended up being delayed.


Stay tuned for later this week to read my recap on the Create & Cultivate conference!


  1. Atlanta looks like such a cool city, and it seems like you found all the good spots! I'm definitely bookmarking this for later ;)

  2. Looks like an awesome place with so much culture! So lucky you got to meet Ingrid too, she seems like a lovely person. Thanks for sharing!

    xxxx from Emily // www.diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com


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