I am still coming off the high of being around like-minded people this past weekend in Atlanta. I mean for many of you, my full-time career is being a teacher but the blogging world has become if not equal merit to my profession, because it is something that I enjoy in its own art form. Every since, I came across Create & Cultivate on Instagram, I have been trying to find ways to get to a conference, and over the past year the timing (or the finances) have not been right. I was finally able to get to the Atlanta conference, which is perfect because I love this city and one of my good friends lives there.

This was my first blogger conference outside of Boston, and doing my research I knew that I was in for a tons of information and meeting a lot of people. You can ask a few of my friends, but I was planning outfits and business cards from the minute I bought my ticket months in advance. It was a one day event from 8:00AM - 9:00PM, and though it was a long day...it was worth every penny. I met some wonderfully nice people and got to listen to amazing Boss Ladies, who like many of us are just trying to doing something that they love. I met a few famous influences that I have admired from afar and left feeling very motivated to do more, but also be proud of what I have accomplished thus far.

The conference was held in a warehouse and split into three main locations. There was a section where you could connect with brands like Lou & Grey, SquareSpace, Simon, Papyrus and tons of other sponsors of the event. You can shop and take pictures in many of these booths and learn more about these brands.

This was the main stage where many of the panels and the keynote speakers spoke for the day. 

Another main stage outside, and in October that was fine because Atlanta was still pretty warm. 

This is where we had breakfast/lunch during the conference. If you buy a VIP ticket, there is a special lounge outside as well, but you are free to mingle in this area. There were a few more brand booths set-up outside for you to browse.

A few friends that I met along the way, including blogger Nicole of The Cult of She (right).

C&C always has a mentor session where you get a assigned an influencer with a small group of people that you can have a Q&A session. I got to meet Keiko Lynn, who I have been following for years. She is the sweetest person ever and we had a small one-to-one conversation afterwards, where she was honest and reassuring about the blogger world we live in. She was amazing! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me!

My other mentor session was with the Beckerman twins who were a riot. I happened to run into them the night prior in the elevator of our hotel and I have the perfect candid shot of us talking about it. 

Amazing panel session on diversity and inclusion in creative community.

My first taste of Jeni's Ice Cream and it was delicious!! They ship nationwide if you want to try it.

The beautiful Sarah Michelle Geller with her business partner, Galit Laibow of FoodStirs (photo courtesy of C&C)

As much as people might have wanted to here Meghan Markle talk about Suits, she was there to speak about her own lifestyle blog called The Tig, and it was great to hear about all her humanitarian work that she does. (photo courtesy of C&C)

NICOLE RICHIE!!! That's basically all the words that I have from seeing her at the conference. I got to be about a foot away from her before she went on stage, and was hoping for a picture but she had security around her. She did give me a smile and "Hello" so I will take it. She is as funny and as sweet as you can imagine, and she spoke nothing but truth. The most important thing that she spoke about is just staying true to yourself and embrace your growth, because you are only human.

(photo courtesy of C&C)

It was such a fun experience and I am definitely going to the next one where ever it may be (though I am betting New York City)!!

UPDATE: The next Create & Cultivate is in NYC, and I am going!!! Get your tickets now before they sell out!!

If you want to see more pictures from the conference in Atlanta, check out more here on the C&C Facebook page

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