Saturday Turnt Up: Vol. 5

Picture Taken at Dom's Coffee

I am currently doing the opposite of being turnt-up on Saturday, because the my eyes are glued to watching Marvel's Luke Cage, on Netflix. And for those of you do who do not know, I am huge Marvel fan, and I enjoyed watching Mike Colter's performance in Jessica Jones. Therefore, I was excited to hear that he would be headlining his own show. I think it was much deserved. I am not done watching yet, but so far I am impressed how the show is trying to have the underlining conversation between the importance of understanding your history and how gentrification, and modern ideas are making an impact on a community such as Harlem. If you are not sure if you should watch then check out this article from Buzzfeed: 35 Times “Luke Cage” Was The Most Beautiful Thing On Netflix

Solange and I are the same age (okay, I am about 3 months older), and the reason why knowing this is important for me is because I feel as though seeing the progression of her life has been like a timeline of my own life. Now let me clarify, our lives are not the same, but she has grown into this beautiful, thoughtful woman, who I think is aware on such a deep level about everything that is going around her. That has come through growth, I think only in the  I honestly think she is 100% the reason why we have seen Beyonce's visual representation of herself through her music grow and change. Solange is political and fearful, but a woman who expresses and feels all of the pain and triumphs one should feel. Her latest album,  A Seat At The Table, is an essay on all things that Solange has spoken up about over the last year: her blackness.

Blogger extraordinaire, Aimee Song of Song of Style released her book called Capture Your Style this month, and of course I was intrigued to buy it. Her book is all about my favorite platform, Instagram and how to use it to showcase your photos. Now if you love Instagram and use it for your blog, a lot of what she is saying will not be new for you. However, I do appreciate having her perspective. The selfie section is my favorite because she focuses on things that I would not even think about when taking a good #selfie.

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