Getting Carried Away

As I have a gotten older, I have found myself traveling more frequently for shorter periods of time, which I love, because it is nice to always escape even if it for a short period of time. I used to throw everything in a gym bag and be on my way. But I am happy to say that my tastes have evolved a bit. Now, I tend to look for a piece of luggage that is durable and hold up to my clumsy self. As I was leaving Nantucket this summer and my piece of luggage was on its last leg, I cam across Away, which is a luggage brand that you can only find online or in their stores that are located in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

Many people have been loving brand, because of what you get for the money you spend. Many hardshell luggages can cost a pretty fortune, but not this Carry-On. They start at $225 (with the bigger size at $245) and comes in 7 different colors. 

I was surprised how light it was, even when I packed it for my trip to Create & Cultivate. I was nervous that I was not going to be able to pack everything that I needed for the long weekend. There are two compartment - one section to hold your shoes, and the other for your clothes, which I made sure to make use of when I packed for my trip. I packed a total of six outfits and they all fit (including two heels, sneakers and pair of boots) with room to spare.

Now, I have to let you in on a secret. The real reason that I love this suitcase so much (and it's not because 360° spinning wheels) is because there is a built-in battery that can charge your phone as you wait at the airport. You do not have to run around the airport looking for the outlet before your phone dies. Which means more time for me to stalk my friends on Instagram instead of watching the paint dry at the airport. 

So now that I am heading back to ATL for work tomorrow, you know what I am bringing with me. 

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This post is sponsored by Away. All opinions are my own.

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