Last Minute Gift Guide No. 1 - That One Techie Gadget You Need

I am a techie at heart, ever since my dad plopped the good ole' Macintosh on his desk at home. I still remember sticking floppy disks in side to play games like "Putt Putt Goes To The Moon" and now I am always looking for the latest and greatest to expand my horizons in the world of computers. Here are a few gift ideas for the techie in your life. 
1. Lumee Lighted Selfie Iphone Case I definitely have had moments where I have thought, “Do I really need to take another selfie?” You do when you have a case like the Lumee. It’s perfect when you need that just right lighting. I use mine in dark restaurants when I want that great picture of my food. The case is very lightweight, and actually does a nice job protecting your phone if you should drop it. I recommended it for that one friend who seems to have it all. They will truly be thankful.

2. S'well Teakwood Bottle You might have seen these stylish water bottles around and not quite sure have gotten the appeal. It’s a a double-walled water bottle that is vacuum-sealed to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Now it may not be a technological advancement, but it will keep that techie in your life well hydrated during those long hours on the computer/video game/Instagram.

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 - Instant Film Camera (Gold) I love taking photos and I love having fast and instant photos even more. The Instax series from Fuijifilm is a great series and it comes in all different colors! I love the metallic gold color because it feels classy. The Mini 70 is great because you can take selfies and few advance features that help you take a good photo in the dark (also, if you are looking for a camera case to hold it in, then try this sleek leather option).

4. Amazon Echo Dot This hands-free, voice-controlled device can make you life so much easier. You can sit on the couch watching Netflix and ask Echo to plays some music or ask for information. It can control any smart home devices (like Nest), read the news and even set an alarm for you so you do not overcook the ham for dinner. It’s small but packs a punch, and if you order one today, you can have it on your door step in a matter of days (if you have Prime…get Prime)!

5. Letterfolk – The Poet Oak  This letterboard makes the techie list, because sometimes you just need a good old fashion reminder board. The Poet board from Letterfolk is quite popular for one reason: you control what it says. You can put it on your desk. You can use it as a prop, but most importantly you can write a message that fits you. It is currently sold out on Letterfolk, therefore I added another option down below.

6. Fossil Q Wander Touchscreen Smartwatch  Okay, this one is truly out of selfishness, because I have been wanting this watch every since it came out. I was not a huge fan of the smart watches when they first came out (sorry Apple) but the Q Wander  is perfect, because frankly it still looks like a watch. I especially love this white silicone version. Also, you can create customizable faces for the watch. It stays charged for up to 24 hours with a wireless charger. It's easy to see how this watch might change the smartwatch game.

7. Google Cardboard Kit Brown Natural  I always thought Virtual Reality was a thing of science fiction but about a year ago. I saw the computer guy at our school fiddle around with a piece of cardboard. I did not think anything of it at first, but then he proceeded to cover his eyes with this piece of cardboard, and I grew curious. What looks like a cardboard box actually acts like a viewer for you phone. It's durable and with VR apps for the phone you can go places and feel like you are actually there, and the cardboard happens to be less than $20. 

8. Sudio - Vasa BL The Sudio Vasa Bl wireless headphones (in Rose Gold) has Bluetooth technology and can be paired with many different devices but most importantly your phone. You can use it up 8 hours of unlimited play-time and can leave it uncharged for almost a week. The sound is great and the earbuds come in different sizes to fit you ear perfectly. Also, it's nice not to have those pesky wires hanging down. You might almost forget it is there.

Happy Shopping!

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