Last Minute Gift Guide No. 2 - What I Hope To Find Under The Tree

Still on that gift hunt? Well if the techie guide from yesterday did not help then maybe my own wishlist might. I am always thinking about what do I really need when the holidays come, but truly it is not so much what I need but what I want. My range from items that are out of my reach to items that will keep me content is quite what this list is all about. Some of the items are small enough that you can slip them in a stocking and call it a day. Happy Hunting!
1. Rabbit Print I once wanted to own an animal farm when I was younger and though I am not a cat lady yet, I am well on my way. I love this print so much, and maybe people have used it to decorate their nursery, but I want it right above my couch in my living room. Made from the wonderful shop of Lila and Lola, check them out for wonderful animal prints.

2. The Carry On Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule As I have grown older, my cocktail choice has changed. No more White Russians. I am all about the Moscow Mule, and being able to make one when I am in the air is perfect. I don’t have to use the substitute of Ginger Ale soda anymore to make a good one, and in case you forgot how to make one there is a recipe card attached.

3. Two Color Cat Cave My cat is super particular and every time I get her something she looks at it and then walks away. This cat cave looks super comfy. It is made out of felt wool (which apparently cats love) and looks like the perfect cocoon for any cat.

4. Balloon Giraffe Money Bank I have two spirit animals, and one of them is a giraffe (who are sadly going into silent extinction) and I have always wanted to have this money bank to commemorate that. I love that this ceramic bank is shaped like a balloon animal version of the sweet animal.

5. Candlefish Candle Tin This wonderful travel candle tin is made out of Charleston, South Carolina, where there is a library of over 100 fragrances. I happened to go to their new store that just opened in Atlanta a few weeks ago and gathered my favorite scent so far which is No. 39 (plum, red berries and musk). Bring a candle with you while traveling of a scent that you use at home can easily put you at ease if you are feeling home sick

6. Yes Way, Rosé Roses Gummy Candy I have a terrible sweet tooth and an unnatural addiction to rosé. So when Sugarfina decided to make a gummy candy made with the Whispering Angel Rosé wine, how could I not get excited? Best of both worlds!

7. Moscow Mule Mug Shot Glasses  From a far they do not even look like they are shot glasses, but they are the perfect hostess gift for a quick drink with friends before having a night out, and they are similar for the cup that should be used for my favorite drink.

8. Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition  I used to be a gamer, but much more on the computer game end, but I used to love playing all the great games on Nintendo. I remember how excited I was when I got my first Gameboy (thanks Mom and Dad)! When they announced that they were releasing a special edition player that is similar to the one I used to play with pre-installed games like: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC-MAN, and more. I was super excited!!

9. The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style  The one thing that I love about Coveteur is being able to get a sneak peak inside celebrities' closets, and now they have dedicated a book to it, and you have to admit it will look great on your coffee table. 

10. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches  I love anything related to skin care for the eye, and these eye patches look nothing but delicious. The fact that they are 24k gold will make anyone feel like they are lapping in a world of luxury. It helps lift and firm around the eye area reducing fine lines and the appearance of puffiness, and you only need to wear it for 10 minutes. 

11. Marc Jacobs Gotham Train Pass Case This small wallet is perfect to slip into any bag. It is sleek and has a classic look to it.

12. Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper The slipper look is in because it makes it easy to throw on your shoes and walk out the door. It might not be perfect to winter unless you tuck in your bag and wear at work all day, but Gucci does know how to make a great shoe. The floral detail on the this open back loafer adds a bit of allure

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