Top Instagram Posts of 2016

Instagram has very much been apart of my blog from the beginning, in fact sometimes it replaces my blog in the busy school months when I do not have much time to give to writing out posts, but I did want to take the time to reflect on this past year. The picture above shows my top nine photos from this past year, but I also shared my favorite six that resonated with me because of the memories attached to them. I shared them with you here but you can also look them up by using the hashtag #fawtop6! I am excited to see what 2017 has to bring!

Everything about this photo ties up 2016 for me in so many ways. This was from when I went to Tulum for my 30th birthday. Turning thirty was and still is momentous for me because it really made me think and reflect about what I have accomplished, what I want to accomplish and what my obstacles are…it turns out I am my biggest obstacle. I realized that I wanted to live in the moments more, and that my life may not be where it should be “traditionally” but that is okay too. This moment right here is what I will be doing in 2017, which is be “unapologetically me” and for whatever is to come, bring it on. I believe I am ready. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve everyone and be safe! [If you did not catch it yesterday I am sharing my favorite pictures from the year as 2016 comes to a close (6/6)] #FAWtop6 #liketkit
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